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NetSuxxess Contracts

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Losing track of any contract can cost you money. With NetSuxxess, you can manage all your contracts so you never lose track of a business arrangement again. NetSuxxess turns your phone into a professional business tool.

Whether you’re a business professional or consumer, NetSuxxess Contracts allows you to manage all of your business deals and contracts. The app allows you to actively monitor, cancel or extend all of your business sales and subscriptions right from your phone or desktop.

NetSuxxess allows you to store and save important contract pages for each contract entry. Have NetSuxxess e-mail you with reminders to cancel, renew or sign a contract on a certain date. You can even send e-mails to business partners, clients or other parties regarding the status of their contracts. 

Staying on top of your business deals has never been easier. Information about any contract can be e-mailed to anyone and viewed on any mobile device. And with the desktop companion, managing contracts is even easier—whatever your platform.

With the desktop companion, you can exchange data using CSV files, or turn PDF files into images for viewing on your mobile device. The desktop companion even lets you connect with your partners from the office or while on the road. The NetSuxxess desktop companion app is available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. Contracts can be securely exchanged with the desktop version or other devices (encrypted via AES on your device prior to data transfer). 

NetSuxxess’ business management features:

Manage all things business

  • Track contracts, subscriptions and cancellations, as well as the status of each contract

Set reminders for important dates

  • Send yourself e-mail reminders for all your business needs, including important deal and contract dates
  • Request an e-mailed list of all current reminders

Your contracts stay organized

  • Organize your contracts or subscriptions by name, date or contract status

Know the value of a deal

  • Add monetary value per period or critical dates to each contract, such as renewal or payment due dates

Maintain proper contract documentation

  • Add important contract pages to each deal entry

Stay in touch with partners

  • E-mail business partners and consultants a contract or information 

Safety and security

  • Exercise the option to set up your own server for exchanging data behind your own firewall for imports, exports and reminders

Support for numerous languages

  • NetSuxxess is available for use in 12 different languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish and Chinese

NetSuxxess lets you manage all your contracts and subscriptions so you can cancel or renew them as needed—on time, every time. All data is stored locally on your device. 

With NetSuxxess, you can remain successful by managing your contracts, contacts, subscriptions and reminders—all from your mobile device. Staying on top of your business has never been easier! Manage up to ten of your most important contracts with the free version, or unlock the Pro version with a single in-app purchase for access to an unlimited number of contracts. Download NetSuxxess today!

(Disclaimer: Local laws for contract cancellation; other conditions may vary. Users are responsible for checking the applicable laws in their country.) 

For any questions or feedback on the NetSuxxess Contracts business contract and deal management app, contact us at support@netsuxxess.de. Please note that support is currently available in English and German only. 

More information available on our website: www.netsuxxess-contracts.de.